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SoulSeed Tees has a wonderful collection of shirts for Black women. I am grateful that I found this site and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for high-quality and conscious shirts that uplifts the Black race.
Shaw, Mississippi
I love my shirt!
Epiphany Castro
I just love this shirt. It's everything that I embody for myself as well as teaching the young girls in my Girl Scout Troop. Looking forward to many future purchases.
Q. Hunter
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Thank you SoulSeed Tees.  Your shirts are well worn by many in our family.  C. Brathwaite and I are cousins, my nephew B. Davis has one; my neice, son and sister M. Williams also sports your tees. <3
Jerilyn Williams
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

SoulSeed Tees is a movement that is uprooting and eradicating  negative suggestions associated with being a Black Woman and then planting new seeds of positivity...one T-Shirt at a time. 

We provide the Black woman a place to shop for T-Shirts that reflects who she is in a positive uplifting way.  Why settle for T-Shirts that really don't represent you and brands that exclude your image and likeness as beautiful? 

The truth is YOU are beautiful and the SoulSeed Tees brand was made exclusively for you.

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